Aleks here, @ your service!

Yup, that's me

I'm a full stack Developer, or if you prefer "guy who makes computer *beep-boop-beep-beep-boop*".. n' stuff.
I live & work here in Frankfurt, Germany.
Just like any other nerdy techie, I'm crazy about breaking things apart and making them better.
I'm also pretty passionate about pilsners, cryptography, sci-fi & playing my good ol' Les Paul.. sry, still no embarrassing videos to prove it.. ;)

Please head to my work section to see what kind of things I'm working on these days..



I remember writing my first few lines of code in Pascal. It was something quite simple like printing out my name but still it blew my mind & I'm hooked ever since.

program SugarDaddy;
  writeln('Luke, who''s ur daddy ???');

Things got only more interesting with Visual Basic, C & Java, later switching my attention to JavaScript, Python & PHP as internet expansion took place.

Nowadays I'm mostly into Web Development, also trying to keep up with fast paced development of mobile apps.

Over the years I've been involved in several projects for Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz, Commerzbank, Henne-Unimog etc. doing pretty much everything from Frontend, Backend, database design, test automation, CI & CD jobs - you name it.

I also pay my dues by contributing to some open source projects like Yii2 framework & by donating my spare computing power to the WCG project.

And the best thing about being a programmer is that your work never really ends. Just keep that coffee coming and let's make something beautiful today..


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